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Viet Wave Music is more than a band. We are a family. Every weekend, we hold classes to teach Vietnamese 16-string zither (Đàn tranh), monochord (Đàn bầu), flute (Sáo) and other Vietnamese traditional instruments.  Many young students have been with us for 10+ years as we watch them grow not only in their musical skills but also in their connection to Vietnamese culture. We are currently accepting new students of all skill levels.


Outreach is another way that Viet Wave Music further its mission in promoting Vietnamese culture in the greater Houston area. In 2015, we introduced the 17-string zither to students at Sugar Mills Elementary, and in 2016 we brought the Vietnamese Southern Renovated Theater music and instruments to college students at the Texas Women University where students got hands-on experience playing these instruments.

Texas Woman's University 2016

VWM director, Julie, lectured at TWU on Vietnamese musical instruments and music

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